Originally posted on Casting Light – The Entertainment Lighting Podcast

How does a new venue go from concept to completion? Who asks the key questions and makes the decisions that the venue’s utility hinges on? When a lighting position has no realistic way to access it or the houselights don’t dim, what happened during that venue’s design process? Jeff McCrum of Fisher Dachs Associates is here to answer those questions, and many more.

Jeff handles Stage lighting systems design at FDA, and has extensive experience as a theatrical consultant, architectural lighting designer, project manager, and theatrical lighting designer. Before working at FDA, he worked with architectural lighting firm Fisher Marantz Stone on projects like JFK’s jetBlue Terminal 5, which we discussed in depth on this episode. We also discussed the theatrical consulting process and his career leading up to FMS.

We will discuss some of Jeff’s other major projects on the next episode, including his work on the MUNY in St. Louis and the BlueBarn theater in Omaha. Thanks for downloading and listening!

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