Chita Rivera was more than just a star on stage, she was a force of nature who brought joy, beauty, and power to every performance. She was a master of expression, a visionary of creativity, and a champion of diversity. Most importantly, she was a dear friend to both Jules Fisher and Graciela Daniele.

Together, this trio redefined musical theatre. Their collaboration was a meeting of minds and hearts, a potent blend of Chita’s electrifying presence; Jules’ captivating and innovative lighting design and his production aesthetic; and Graciela’s exquisite choreography and direction. They pushed boundaries, took risks, and created magic on countless stages. Chita’s passing earlier this year is a void Jules and Graciela can never fill.

Between Pippin, the original production of Chicago, The Rink, and Chita Rivera: The Dancer’s Life, the profound bond these three shared in their artistic partnerships left an impact not soon forgotten.
But beyond the accolades, their partnership resonated with a deep sense of friendship and respect. They challenged each other, nurtured each other’s talents, and created a safe space for artistic exploration. The joy they shared in creating together was evident on stage and off, an inspiration to all who witnessed it.
She received numerous awards and honors for her contributions to the art form, including a special Tony Award in 201 for Lifetime Achievement in Theatre. She was also the first Latina to receive the Kennedy Center Honors in 2002, a recognition of her excellence and influence on American culture.

Chita left us with a legacy of inspiration and excellence. She taught us to dance with our hearts, to sing with our souls, and to live with our dreams. She showed us how to be fearless, how to be fierce, and how to be fabulous. Chita, you will be missed.